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The KözbeszGuru as an expert of public procurement supports EU tenderer in Hungarian public procurement.

The purpose of the KözbeszGuru is that the enterprises make higher requirements in line with the public procurement projects.

We have been working since 2010 to create the professional and conscious market behaviour, and we can say from experience that this is the only way for success.

KözbeszGuru recognizes the deficiencies of the interior public procurement market, and works out a completely unique service. With its services the company targeted the tenderer side of the public procurement procedure, offers professional public procurement counseling to its partners in the market.

If You involve the KözbeszGuru into your company’s public procurement work, You will get a completely different picture from the whole system of the public procurement:

At the KözbeszGuru high qualified, with significant professional practice and motivated professionals are availeble for You, who cooperatively with external consulting and professional strategic partners can help to your enterprise with complex counseling.

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